Professional Development

Providing professional development experiences for faculty and/or staff that could be a few hours or a few days. We don’t have “go to” workshops and experiences, rather we like to design them individually for each school based on your needs, interests, and starting point.

  • Your classroom as a Learning Team: Designing and Facilitating Collaborative Groups
  • Experience a learning adventure and find out how to design them for your classroom!
  • Get up and learn! - Experiential Learning Approaches for Active, Hands-on Learning
  • Everyone leads: Take a deep dive into your role as a leader in the school.
  • Your Community is your Classroom: Integrated Place-based Learning
  • Hands-on Science Outdoors – On your Campus and Beyond
  • Starting an Adventure Education Program Tied to Academic Goals
  • Deep Learning- Enabling Students to Incorporate New Ideas into their Framework of Knowledge
  • Service Learning: Learning from Those to whom you have Something to Give
  • The Power of Reflection in Learning: The Kolb Cycle puts Students in Charge of their own Learning!

Ongoing Growth Projects

Assisting schools with Ongoing Growth Projects is something we specialize in doing. It is sometimes tied to professional development or sometimes to assist in a project the school has envisioned.

  • Creating a new school vision and accompanying strategic plan with Goals and Action Steps.
  • Developing Experiential Curriculum
  • Creating Integrated Learning Experiences
  • Developing an Adventure Education Program
  • Outdoor and/or Urban Exploration tied to Academic Curriculum
  • Developing a Service Learning Program


Designing and implementing a custom experience for a group of students at your school/institution.

  • Urban or Outdoor Learning Expedition
  • Leadership Summit
  • Problem-based Project
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Extended Field Trips

Experiential Education Team


Scott teaches the 5th grade. He has previously taught middle school, founded two school experiential adventure programs, and is Board President of a regional experiential organization.


Ali runs two businesses which involve students in outdoor science, experiential history and culture programs, leadership training, and adventure programming.


Nikki has a PhD in education. She has been an Outward Bound instructor, elementary school teacher, graduate school professor, assistant head of an indepedent school, and a director at an environmental learning institution with a grad program.


Laura teaches high school science and is a Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching winner. She is a National Board certified teacher, has a masters in Science, and is Director of Professional Development at her school.


Sara is a clinical mental health counselor and an outdoor educator. She has worked as a NOLS instructor, has done school-based outpatient therapy with adolescents, and currently has a private practice in therapy for both adults and adolescents.


Doc is a former Outward Bound instructor and Director of the Kurt Hahn Center. He has his own consulting business.