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Client Reviews

"I have had the privilege to know Ed as a school leader, a fellow board member, and as a collaborator on consultations, and in all of these roles it has been an honor to work with and learn from him. He is a natural leader, strategic planner, and a wonderful connector who truly wants everyone he works with to grow and improve in their practice. His depth of knowledge and vast experiences in experiential education provides a foundation for collaborations that inspire not only his clientele, but also his colleagues."
  —   Chair of the Experiential Education Exchange
"Lead It Forward . . . at The Fay School . . . the opportunity afforded to me as a participant in the Ed Maggart Group PD was truly a great experience. I not only had time to reflect on my own strengths and stretches . . . I was able to work with my entire school family on best practice for us all. Personal growth, along with community solidarity activities was certainly a positive way to begin
the school year . . . and, continues on as part of my
“why I do what I do” for 2019-2020."
  —  1st Grade Lead
"I so appreciated Ed Maggart leading our professional development training at the beginning of this school year. He gave us a common language to use as we curriculum plan and lead our classes. He thoughtfully suggested books on areas we were interested in, to help us grow. He helped develop continuing growth plans for us to work on in staff meetings. Ed’s passion for experiential learning and for helping teachers teach better is so evident. We so benefited from this training."
  —  Elementary Principal

"Ed goes above and beyond to help us become better teachers. Ed reminded us that kids always learn better in hands-on-environments, when they are physically involved. He brought this idea to life with the activities he engaged us in and modeled for us. This seminar was fun and so helpful."
Alisha michael
  —  Kindergarten Teacher
"I loved the rope exercise about learning outside of our comfort zones. The ideas we learned about experiential education
in Ed Maggart’s class made me rethink the way
I prepare lessons and teach."
allie faber
  —  5th and 6th Grade Teacher
"Ed and his team designed and executed a program for our 5th graders that successfully reflected our leadership mission and goals. Using experienced based learning and activities, Ed and his group led the kids through these 2 days of meaningful and active learning. Can’t wait to have them back at our school this spring!"
  —  5th Grade Teacher
"I worked with Ed this past summer at Camp Merri-Mac. He helped develop all of the adventure staff at camp, but I got to work with him through the climbing program. His attention to detail, experience in climbing education, and passion for developing others increased our program’s safety and educational impact. Ed spent extra time working with me on my own technical skills. He taught me facilitation techniques that I have continued to use in other professional environments. I am so thankful for the time that Ed invested in me and our climbing program this summer!"
Macy shelton
  —  Climbing Staff Member
"Ed has been one of the most influential mentors in my teaching and leadership career. Through his mentorship I have become a more effective teacher, leader, collaborator, and listener.  He models the principles of excellent experiential education into classroom, meetings, and organizations and can seamlessly model practical applications rooted in the works of Wiggins, Dewey, Kolb, Han, Berger, and other influential thinkers and researchers. He empowers students and educators by listening deeply and teaching through asking questions so that we ultimately discover what we are missing and can construct our own solutions and path forward."
laura lawrence
  —  Asheville School Director of Professional Development, Science Instructor
"The Lead It Forward work that Ed Maggart and his group did with both our fifth graders, at the end of the school year, and our faculty and staff, at the beginning of the school year, was transformational. The adventure activities especially took us outside of our comfort zones and helped us build stronger community ties with our coworkers. It was a professional development opportunity
that won’t be forgotten!"
  —  K. Assistant Teacher
My Services
Professional Development
We provide professional development experiences ranging from how to turn a classroom into an experiential learning team, to outdoor education training, to team building, communication, and visioning for school faculty and staff.
Program Development
We can help you re-envision curriculum in a more experiential mode, develop outdoor and offsite projects, or look at how developing experiential curriculum can fit into strategic plans for fundraising, facilities, and staffing.
We can design and run single or multi-day experiential, leadership, and/or team building programs for groups of students at your school.

Who I Am

I am an educational consultant with 30+ years of experience in the classroom, curriculum development, outdoor education, and school administration. I am equally comfortable in the classroom, an urban exploration, an outdoor expedition, or on a strategic committee.

Experiential Ed, Ed Maggart

What I Do

I am driven to help learning organizations transform their approach to learning and community. I can provide professional development in the classroom and in outdoor education, help envision new curriculum, assist with strategic planning, and lead experiences for groups of students.

Experiential Ed's Offerings



We provide a professional development experience that could be a few hours, or a few days. We don't have "go to" workshops, rather we design them individually for each school based on your needs and interests.

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Assisting schools with Ongoing Growth Projects is something we specialize in doing. It is often tied to professional development or sometimes to assist in a specific project a school has provided.

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We design and implement custom experiences for groups of students at your school or institution. These could include outdoor learning expeditions, leadership summits, problem-based projects, and more.

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